BOSS - NetSapiens Monitoring & Ticketing System

What is it?

BOSS is a hosted service providing NOC tools (Monitoring, Alarming, and Trends analysis), Server Management, and a Trouble ticketing system to communicate with NetSapiens support and track all changes to all servers in a NetSapiens Solution. BOSS can be accessed at

Data & Info Collection

There are two small applications that run on the host machines sending small udp datapackets with the data to Boss for collection and data processing.
  • netsapiens-agent - a small servlet that runs under tomcat and sends application specific data to Boss
    • HA status
    • Mysql status
    • Active call
      • per server
      • per domain
    • Connection stats
      • active calls
      • cps
    • Domain, Subscriber, Registered device counts
    • internal NMS measurements
  • collectd - runs as a daemon on the host machine and sends system and OS related data to Boss
    • load
    • cpu
    • network
    • disk (usage and capacity)
    • processes (cpu and memory)

NOC Tools

Hosts Panel

Hosts panel is the always visible on the left side of the main screen. Each server is listed grouped into sections (at least one, but possibly more depending on setup). Each server you can click and gain many options and features on that server.

By clicking on the server name you will see options based on that server.

  • Graph - add this server to the host list for the graphing utility and switch from ticketing to graph page
  • Sys Info - Displays info about the system including IP, MAC, and printouts of uname -a, cpuinfo, meminfo
  • Edit - allows you to manage settings and applications installed on that server.
  • Tickets - allows you to view and add tickets for this host
  • Notes - allows you to view and add notes/messages for this host
By clicking on the + icon you will see applications running on that server under two categories, "SNAP applications" and "SNAP utilities". You can then click on the application to see specific options of that application on that host.

  • Admin UI - Will take you directly to the admin interface for that particular application
  • Tickets - allows you to view and add tickets for this host and this application
  • Notes - allows you to view and add notes/messages for this host and this application

Messages Panel

Messages panel is the always visible panel on the bottom right of the main screen. This panel displays all the messages tracked by the system. Anyone can add a message that will be tracked and kept on record. Good use of this would be for small notes worth tracking but not needing a full ticket being opened (example: a system parameter change you want make note of for everyone to be able to see). There are several automatic messages that will be logged and displayed without any intervention.
  • Ticket Modifications - A message is added noting a change to a ticket noting any status change. 
  • Alarm /Recovery Notification - Log of all change in alarm status for all servers noting values.
  • Application Start-up messages - Log of all application restart messages triggered by different applications. 
  • HA Notifications - Log is kept of all HA messages triggered.
  • Custom messages - Any simple note can be added

Graphs Panel

Alarms Panel

To set an alarm that you can receive warnings and alarms for select the corresponding graph you want to alarm on, then click on Options --> Add Alarm Threshold.

 Then fill out the boxes on the displayed form for the levels you wish to set

Email Alerts

Trouble Ticketing

Tickets PanelEmail  Panel