Support Ticketing & Documenting Procedure

This page is provided to ensure when you contact NetSapiens for support the appropriate information has been collected to open a support ticket and ensure your issue is handled in a efficient and effective manner.

In the instance that you need to contact NetSapiens Support please email: or call at (858) 764-5202.  Please be sure to have your BOSS ticket number available to provide to us so that we can better assist you.

Support Requests via BOSS

We ask that all trouble tickets be submitted to our online ticketing system BOSS; click here

Below are the most common type of trouble ticket requests we receive; the information required is listed below.

Problems with Calls Received or Placed

  1. Phone number called from and phone number called to
  2. The time that the call was placed (if possible please attach call trace)
  3. Trouble that the customer is reporting; is this a persistent or occasional issue.  Please be as specific as possible, e.g., waited for 30 secs with no ringback and then received a fast busy
  4. Type of equipment being used, e.g., Polycom 501
  5. Description of any troubleshooting already performed

Problems with Admin/UI Portal

  1. Name, address and application of server where issue occurred, e.g. Main NMS Server with IP Address 123.456.789.1
  2. Screen or function that is not working correctly
  3. Is this a persistent or occasional issue
  4. Which user was logged on when the issue occurred and what type of account is it, (tac, admin, reseller, domain or user)
  5. Description of any troubleshooting already performed
  6. Screenshots (if available)
  7. For UI Portal Issues Only: What browser are you using

NetSapiens Support Team will respond requesting the information required before any ticket is researched and resolution provided.

Support Requests via Phone

Regular Support

All regular support requests are to be submitted via our BOSS ticketing system.  Our normal business hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific Time

Emergency Support

If you have an issue needing immediate assistance, please call Emergency Support at 858-764-5201.  Please note that emergency support calls may incur separate hourly and per incident charges as specified in your service agreement.