Rebranding Guide

Rebranding the Admin and User PHP UI

The following steps are for NMS and NAS version 1-1205 and higher

There are two aspects of rebranding a NetSapiens UI, the Images and the Text. Each one is described below.

Changing Images

UI Images can be changed by navigating to the Images section in the NMS as shown below

This will pull up the following screen:

Explanation of Image Files

background.jpg is the wall paper (1400x160 pixels)
favicon.gif is the "favicon" in the browser address bar (69x64 pixels)
landing_banner.gif is the main picture on the login page (528x180 pixels)
landing_bottom_line.gif is the line below the copyright text on the login page (10x1 pixels)
landing_logo.gif is the main logo at the top of the login page (287 x 60 pixels)
landing_tagline_admin.gif is the picture on the login page above the main image and next to landing_logo.gif (adminlogin.php) (500x75 pixels)
landing_tagline_user.gif is the picture on the login page above the main image and next to landing_logo.gif (index.php) (500x75 pixels)
landing_bottom_line.gif is the line above the main picture and login section on the login page (6x15 pixels)
menu_logo.gif is the logo at the upper right corner after login (150x66 pixels)

Illustrated Examples of Image Files

  • To change the image files for your system click on the description of the file you wish to change and a dialog box similar to this will appear

  • Change the Description to be customized to your needs

  • To change the images on a per server basis you need to know the host name as it appears in the browser; as in the examples below:

Images are then added as below

This then appears in the Images section as follows:

Images for Voice Mail Notifications

  • Images for V-mail emails are changed from the same page as other images.  Change the following files that you will select from the drop-down menu
    • email_banner.jpg 670 x 74
    • email_bkgd.jpg 1400 x 160
    • [Note] You can also change the "powered by Netsapiens" text by adding StmtPoweredBy as a property in System --> Settings --> Advanced -->Properties with your new "Powered by" text as the value.

Changing Text

  • You can now change text such as browser titles and copyright lines via the UI_CONFIG table.
  • Under system --> Settings --> advanced --> UI config, add the following parameters with type *
    • UI_COPYRIGHT - copyright in bottom right of UI.
    • UI_LANDING_PAGE_FOOTER - text below picture on main login page.
    • UI_TITLE_ADMIN - Title on Admin UI
    • UI_TITLE_SUB - Title on User UI
    • Changing UI colors....
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