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How do I customize portal access for a user or users?

This FAQ is specifically written to allow two types of system administrators to have different access levels across all domains. You can adapt these instructions to add additional types or limit domain access. In this example, we will have two tiers of administrators with access limits across all domains:

  • Tier 1 – cannot add telephone hardware or users

  • Tier 2 – cannot add telephone hardware

IMPORTANT: The user names MUST be unique to the system – ie. not exist in any domain as another user.  If another user has the same name, they will have the same restrictions.

1. Create the user or users as Resellers. You can do this on the administrator’s portal by navigating to Users -> Configuration, click on the user, change the Scope to Reseller and click Modify:

Your user or users now have access to all domains.

2. Navigate to System -> Settings -> Advanced -> UI Config

This is the list of all UI parameters set on the system.

3. At the bottom of the list, click on Export


4. The parameters of the export are not important – the purpose is simply to create the template for import – so just click Start Export:

5. This will create a CSV file with all UI configuration parameters which can be opened with Excel:

6. Delete all of the data other than the header row. You are going to create a CSV template to import to create the access restrictions for each user.

7. Enter data in the following fields:

Column B: domain – enter * for the access permission to apply across all domains, or a specific domain.

Column D: user - Leave blank at this point. This will be the template for future use.

Column E: config_name – select the parameter that you want to restrict.  The complete list can be found at http://adminguide.netsapiens.com/nms/ui-config/new-portal

Column F: config_value – set to ‘no’ or ‘yes’

8. Save the file as a CSV with a descriptive name. For our example, the following file is saved as Tier1Template.CSV:

and the following file is saved as Tier2Template.CSV:

9. To create the Tier 1 administrators, open the Tier1Template.CSV and enter the user or users in Column D. For our example, we will make Tier1_001 and Tier1_002 as Tier 1 administrators. You can copy and paste the lines to restrict as multiple users with one import – ie. you don’t need to create a separate file for each user.  Save the CSV file with a descriptive name, such as Tier1Import001.CSV:

10. Similarly, we will make Tier2_001 and Tier2_002 Tier 2 administrators. Open the Tier2Template.CSV, add the information and save the CSV file with a descriptive name.

IMPORTANT: At this point, open the files in a plain text program (Notepad or WordPad, NOT Excel) to make sure that Excel did not reformat the data.  The entries should be regular text divided by commas - note the comma between each value:

The file should NOT look like this:

11. Navigate back to System -> Settings -> Advanced -> UI Config

12. At the bottom of the list click on Import:

13. Click Choose File and select your import file. Make sure that the Purge radio button is no and click Start Import:

14. Repeat Step 12 for the other file(s) for access restrictions.

15. Log in to the OMP as the users to check that the access privileges are correct.