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How do I delete UI configurations for a domain?

Currently the UI configurations for a domain are not deleted with the domain.  This FAQ is a workaround, which can also be used to reset a domain’s configuration to default.

1. On the administrator’s portal, navigate to System -> Settings -> Advanced -> UI Config

This is the list of all UI parameters set on the system.

2. At the bottom of the list, click on Export:

3. Select the domain and click Start Export:

4. This will create an CSV file with all UI configuration parameters for the domain. Open the file with Excel and save it as a CSV file with a descriptive name, such as UIConfigsDelete:

IMPORTANT: At this point, open the file in a plain text program (Notepad or WordPad, NOT Excel) to make sure that Excel did not reformat the data.  The entries should be regular text divided by commas - note the comma between each value:

The file should NOT look like this:

5. Navigate back to System -> Settings -> Advanced -> UI Config

6. At the bottom of the list click on Import:

7. Click Choose File and select your file. Click the yes radio button for Purge and click Start Import (Importing with Purge is the same as Delete):

8. Repeat Step 1 through 4.  The CSV file should have only headers: