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Hunt Group Configuration

posted Jun 27, 2012, 10:58 AM by mbuch@netsapiens.com   [ updated Jun 27, 2012, 10:59 AM ]


  • Create a system User (use the Caller ID field to set the BTN). In our example, we will use "1001". You do not need to create a device for this user. This User will provide the No Answer time (how long calls remain in queue) for the entire hunt group and MOH for the queue. Enable VM for the user, and set user Vmail u-control to yes.

  • From the Applications tab-> Music on Hold, add the User you just created to the MOH list.  Once added, select it and upload a music file (this is required for the queue to work).  This file can be a custom announcement followed by music, a ringback wav file, etc.  This is what the caller will hear when they enter the queue.

  • From the "DID Table" Dial Translation, add a rule to send calls from DIDs to this User with the Application set to "Call Queueing". Pictured below.

    • From the Applications tab, configure a new hunt group. 
  • In the example, the hunt group name is "1001" - this must match the name for the associated User that you just created.   Select the domain and set the options to First Available or Linear.  
    • 1st Available means the first registered phone who is not currently on a call will get the first call.  
    • Linear means the calls will start with phone one every time and work down through the list. Set the ring time out to 5,10,15,20,25,30,45,60,90 or never.  This is the time it will ring at an agent in the hunt group before going to the next agent.
  • Select the hunt group you just created (press SHOW button).  Add agents to the hunt group.  Select a device, then set Auto Immediate. The device must be registered.  Since this agent configured to Auto Immediate, order does not apply, so leave 0.

  • Create a call queue. (Applications tab) This must have the exact same name as the hunt group and User you just created (1001 in our example). Select the appropriate domain. Please note that Max Time (min allows you to set a time limit after which it will force a exit from the queue and drop it into the queue users dial translation. this is in addition to the user timeout that will ask you to leave a voice mail after that timeout. 

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