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Rename a Mis-Spelled Domain Name

posted Jun 27, 2012, 11:25 AM by mbuch@netsapiens.com
Navigate to System --> Backup and Restore --> Domain Backup

Select the misspelled domain from the list
Select whether you want to backup Call History and/or Data. If you want to backup Call History you will need to specify a Start Date or if you leave it as 0000 00 00 it will backup ALL call history that is contained on the server

You can save the backup with the name the system generates or devise a name yourself
You will see a confirmation screen that the backup is completed and has been saved in the tar.gz format
Backups are stored at the following file path ../usr/local/NetSapiens/SiPbx/backup 
Contained within the tar.gz folder are multiple .sql files with all of the data for various parts of the system, e.g., dial permissions, subscribers, dial plans etc.

Each of these files can be opened in a text editor application
Conduct a find and replace where you replace the misspelled domain name with the correct domain name
Then save the files to the same place they were backed up to ../usr/local/NetSapiens/SiPbx/backup
From the NMS Admin Portal navigate to System --> Backup and Restore --> Configuration Restore. Select the tar.gz file that contains the edited information and upload.

A restart of the NMS will be required for the changes to be fully written to the database

  1. Change the DID Table - Import in the DIDs with new domain name and purge the DID entries with the misspelled domain name.
  2. Make a duplicate of the data folder (/usr/local/NetSapiens/SiPbx/data) for the misspelled domain and rename the folder with the correct domain name.