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User Portal Instructions

posted Jun 26, 2012, 9:08 PM by mbuch@netsapiens.com

Heads Up Display (Main Screen)

Activity Panel

Shows the current call you are on. This will show the time the call started and how long you have been on the call. When you hang up, the call detail will be transferred to your History.

History Panel

This shows your past call activity. This will display the time of the call and duration. You may click the underlined number to call this number. The icon on the left shows whether the call was inbound, outbound or a missed call.

Contacts Panel

You may add your contacts here. In the contacts column you will see the first and last name, the company name and the phone numbers. To view any other information click on the name. You may click the number in the contact list you wish to dial. The number will be propagated to the Quick Dial box. Push dial.

Messages Panel

New messages left in your voice mail box will be displayed under New. You may click the play button to listen to the message. Click the phone icon to call the party who left the message. Click the Save button to save your voice mail. Click the Trash can to delete the message.

Saved messages can be listened to by clicking the play button. The party who left the message can be called by clicking the phone icon or the message can be deleted by clicking the trash can.

Messages in trash can be moved back to the Save folder by pressing save. You can also press the play icon to play the message or the phone icon to call the party.

Organization Panel

This column provides a “busy lamp field” for your company/domain. A green indication means the phone is registered and idle. A red indication means the phone is registered and being used. A grayed out indication means the phone is not currently registered. You may click the extension number to call any of the phones in your list. Push the Call button to call, the voicemail button to leave a voice mail.

Quick Dial Box

If you know a number you wish to call, click the Quick Dial. Place the number in this box and press Dial.


General Tab

Change Password, changes your password used for your voice mail account. Type your new password and confirm. Press the Change Password button.

Time Zone – set your time zone

Directory – If you want your name to be included in the company directory via auto attendant, for dial by name, place a check in the box. The Directory Match represents the first three letters of your last name using the keys on your phone dial pad. For example the name Smith would be 764. You must have a recorded name for this feature to work. Press the button below to record your name or listen to the name recorded.

Unified Messaging Tab

Voice Mail - Enable or Disable will allow callers to leave voice mail for you or not.

Say Receive Time – Check this box if you want the time announced when you play back messages from your voice mail.

Greetings – You may record and select up to 7 greetings for your voice mail box. To record, select the number of the greeting you wish to record, then press the record button. Enter a phone number (extension or 10 digit) for the phone you want to record from. The phone will ring and you will be prompted to record. Press # at the end of your recording.

To select which greeting you wish for callers to hear, you may select it from the Select vmail Greeting dropdown. You may also play this greeting, by pressing the play button.

Unified Messaging – This will send email to the account of your choice when you receive a voice mail. You will also be able to listen to your voice mail on your PC. Hyperlink text will provide you a text link to listen to your vmail. Hyperlink html will provide a web application to listen. You may also have this as an attachment to your email. You may choose whether your voice mail automatically goes to your vmail inbox, saved box or trash. Place your email address in the second box and click OK.

Find Me Tab

Ring Timeout – This is the time your phone will ring before going to a forward you have set or to your voice mail. 15 seconds equals approximately 3 or 4 rings.

Do Not Disturb – You may click this box to place your phone in DND. When your phone is in DND, calls will not ring at your phone, but will go directly to voice mail.

Forward Always – When you click forward always and place a valid number in the box below, your calls will not ring at your phone, but will always ring at the number you set.

Forward busy – Calls will ring at your phone unless you are on the phone, then they will go to the number you placed in the forward busy box. Make sure to check forward busy.

Forward no answer – Calls will ring at your phone for a prescribed time, then go to the number you placed in the forward no answer box. Don’t forget to click the forward no answer box. The Ring Timeout timer above decides how long the phone will ring before it is forwarded.

Simultaneous Ring – This feature allows you to have more than one phone ring at the same time. For example, your office phone, your home phone and your cell phone can all ring whenever you have an inbound call. Place the numbers (extensions or 10 digit) you wish to ring when you are called and check the simultaneous ring box. You can add more than the 3 shown by pushing the add button at the bottom.

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