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Configuration Parameter Description Default for User Default for Office Manager Default for Reseller/Super User Version added
PORTAL_ENABLE_USER_PORTAL Will allow users with scope of ""Basic User"" to login to the portal yes no no 1220
PORTAL_ENABLE_OMP Will allow users with scope of ""Office Manager"" to login" no yes no 1220
PORTAL_ENABLE_RESELLER "Will allow users with scope of ""Reseller"" to login" no no  yes  1220 
PORTAL_ENABLE_SUPERUSER "Will allow users with scope of""Super User"" to login" no no  no  1221 
PORTAL_ALLOW_SCOPE_SELECT_NO_PORTAL "These settings control which scopes are available to be set via the new portal. These will not change the drop down in the admin portal or what scopes are actually valid. Basic Simple and Advanced are the same thing and only there to allow the admin to customize the differences but by default they will be identical." n/a no no 1222
n/a no no 1222
n/a yes yes 1222
n/a no no 1222
n/a yes yes 1222
yes yes 1222
n/a yes yes 1222
n/a no yes 1222
PORTAL_USERS_ALLOW_SCOPE_CHANGE Allows the scope field to be shown when editing a user's profile n/a no yes 1222