4. Auto Attendants

The Auto Attendant answers with a greeting then prompts the caller with a list of options. Multiple auto attendants can be stored in the system and programmed to answer at different times such as work hours, after hours or holidays. The auto attendant is attached to an extension which cannot be changed. It is a good idea to have one or more time frames ready before creating your auto attendant and its introductory greeting.

To add a new Auto Attendant select Add Attendant. To edit an existing auto attendant click on the name or the edit icon. 

Adding an Auto Attendant

Enter the name you would like the attendant to be called and the extension you want the attendant to be associated with. Time Frames determine specific hours of certain days or a span of days the auto attendant will be active. For example: Monday-Thursday 5pm-8am, or July 7–July 25. If you do not have a time frame created select default (all the time) until you create a desired time frame. Click Continue.

An introductory greeting is an automated answering option that will provide callers with a greeting followed by some brief information. Example: Hello. Thank you for calling NetSapiens. You have reached us after hours. Please stay on the line for more options.If you would like an introductory greeting click the speaker icon next to Intro GreetingsIf there is no introductory greeting the call will transfer directly to the menu prompt. A Menu Prompt is a recorded description of the options and their assigned numerical keys. A best practice is to choose the options first, then write a script and record it (The prompt text box and options can't be seen when the manage audio screen pops up). The options menu is displayed by hovering the cursor over a phone key button. Clicking on the application will display a dialogue box: 

User displays a text box to be filled with the user extension the call will be routed to. 
Typing in the text box will display a drop down list of available users to choose from. Clicking on the gray X will delete the option and make the button available for re-use.

Conference displays a text box to be filled with the bridge name and user extension
Typing in the text box will display a drop down list of available conferences to choose from. 

Call Queue displays a text box with drop down and a number of options. The announcement for callers option uses settings entered when creating the call queue.

Directory provides an auto directory using the phone's auto voice with numbers and names recorded when adding the users

Voicemail transfers callers directly to a given voice mail extension chosen from the drop down menu displayed by typing in the text box.

Voicemail Management prompts the caller for an extension number and password to check messages and manage voicemail by phone.

External Number will transfer to an outside line such as a home or cell phone.

Play Message will play a recorded message or mp3/wav file then transfer to another option, hang-up or repeat the prompt

Add Tier makes it possible to have another auto attendant accessed by a key option. Example: Dial 9 to get to the next level

Recording Greetings and Prompts
Intro greetings can be mp3'swave (.wav) files or voice recordings. When the intro is finished, the call transfers to the auto attendant and its prompt. The menu prompt describes what options are available via the number keys and can also be recorded or uploaded from a file. EXAMPLE: For the directory press 1, for sales press 2, for accounting press 3

To record an Intro Greeting: Click on the speaker icon to open the Manage Greetings window. Multiple greetings can be stored here. The greeting will be chosen when the auto attendant is activated in answering rules. Click on Add Greetings
To record a greeting select the record button then choose the extension to record the call from. If your extension is already showing in the text box, be sure to click or cursor your choice to save it. Do the same for the time frame. Use default (all the time) if you haven't  created a time frame.

To upload a greeting select the upload button. The browse button will bring up a file picker window. Pick an mp3 or WAV file from any source. Use default (all the time) if you have not created a time frame. Be sure to click or cursor in the box to save the time frame.

Menu prompt is added in a manage audio box that works almost the same way as manage greetings. There are options to upload or record and a text box to add notes.