3. Conferences

A conference bridge acts like a device such as a users phone or soft phone. It can be the single device of a user or it can be one of multiple devices belonging to a user. However, a user must be created before adding a conferenceTypically, a special user and dedicated number (DID) will be assigned to a conference bridge or bridges. This allows the user to manage a conference without interrupting normal communication. Additionally, a dedicated conference user device can be shared with other users. 

Click on Add Conference to add a conference bridge.  You will need to enter a name and owner for the Conference. The PIN options are not required but can be used to limit who can and cannot enter the call (participant PIN) or to invoke special mid-conference actions (leader PIN). The minimum participants to start option decides how many people need to be present to begin the call; e,g, until the number is reached all participants will hear music on hold if the conference owner has uploaded it. The last few options may require a leader to log in before the call can begin or prompt participants for their name which can be played when they arrive or depart.
The conference bridge needs an answering rule that pushes calls into the bridge via the conference owner. Navigate to the user / conference owner and click on Answering Rules.
Inside the Edit Answering Rule screen: Click in the 'Always' check box and start typing in the text box. A drop down will appear. Click on the conference that belongs to the user / conference owner (Conference - User Name ( User) ). Remember to click on the blue save button.

Once the Conference bridge has been added the following will be seen on the Conferences page. Clicking on the number in the Participants column will show the active participants during a conference.