7. Music on Hold

On the Music on Hold tab Click on Settings. From here you can decide whether you wish to enable Music on Hold or not; and if yes whether you want the music to be randomized or not. There is also an option to set an introductory greeting, this is useful in the example of a call queue; e.g. "Thanks for calling ABC Company  please continue to hold for the next available agent. For faster service you can visit us on the web at www.abccompany.com."  This introductory greeting can be uploaded or rebooted as with voicemail and auto attendant greetings. Once this is done click Save.

Music files are added by clicking Add Music. From this dialog box browse to the music/audio file on your computer that you wish to upload and click Upload

It is possible to reorder the music on hold files if you wish for them to be in a specific order. The system will prompt you to approve these changes before they are actually saved. When all changes have been made click on Save at the bottom of the screen