NAS - NetSapiens Accounting Server

NAS is the Rating and Billing engine of the NetSapiens SNAPsolution. With this module, service providers can perform real-time rating for prepaid services and/or post-rating for post-paid services. This is also where customer service plans and, ultimately, bills can be generated.


  • Wholesale/Retail Rating Platform
  • Real Time Credit Control
  • Pre and Post Paid
  • Multi-Tier Management
  • Web based account management for all tiers
  • Online Batch Account and PIN Generation
  • Recurrent Charges
  • Balance Threshold
  • Effective Date and Expiration Date
  • Batch Lock and Unlock
  • Shared or Individual Rate Tables per account
  • Free Duration, Unit Duration, Min Charges, Extra Charges
  • Effective Date and Expiration Date
  • Recharge by Phone or Web
  • Audit Log
  • Customer Service Plans
  • Bill Generation and Customization


Rating Calculation


Post Rating


Service Plan


NAS Configuration

Adding a New Post Rate Customer

    * Follow the steps below in order to add a new customer.
    * Instructions for each step are below in their own sections.
          o Add a Domain
          o Add a "domain" user
          o Edit domain Service Plan
          o Edit domain Rate Plan
          o Add Post Rate schedule
          o Add Billing Info

Creating a New SiPbx Connection on Netsapiens NAS

    * Skip this section unless this is the First Domain!
    * This step only needs to be done once per SiPbx and require root privileges, Netsapiens Support can assist on this.
    * From the menu bar please select “Domains --> Connections”
    * Click Add to add connection
    * Enter A Unique DSN name. Also enter username and password, defaults are dbSiPbx/sipbx.

    * Click Create
    * You need to then add a ODBC connection in /etc/odbc.ini
          o From a command line or other text editor, add the following information matching your remote sipbx.

Description     = MySQL
Driver          = MySQL
Server          = REMOTE_IP_OR_HOSTMANE
Database        = SiPbxDomain
Port            =
Socket          =
Option          =
Stmt            =

    * Example matching picture above and pointing to a SiPbx on a LAN connect of

Creating a New Domain on Netsapiens NAS

    * From the menu bar select "Domains --> Domains"
    * Click "Add Domain" towards the bottom
    * Pick from the dropdown selection of SiPbx servers configured previously
    * Fill in the information required for this domain
    * Each domain should have a Service plan and Rate Plan, this page allows you to copy from existing plans.
          o This copy feature includes a "smart replace" which will replace existing domain names with the new domain name
    * Example of new Domain:

    * In a post paid setup, "Balance Status" and "Balance" are not used.
    * If you are looking to rate old calls, make sure you push back the "Rate Valid From date"

Adding a user to the Domain

    * At least 1 user needs to be added to the domain in order to rate calls.
    * for post rating a whole domain into a bucket, you only need one user, user "domain"
    * Add account via "Accounts --> Accounts"
    * click "Add"
    * It will ask you for a domain from a list of currently configured domains
    * From there enter the rest of the information needed.
    * if rating calls earlier than your current date, make sure to push back the valid date
    * "balance" is unused in post-rate senerio
    * "Next Charge Date" is the next date that user will be charged services, it will be the same day each cycle

Adding/Editing a Service Plan

    * When creating a new Domain a blank rate plan will be created or copied form an existing rate plan.
    * To change or edit a service plan go to "Accounts --> Service Plan"
    * You will now see a list of Service plan's, each service plan can have any number of service items within it.

    * To change service items within a Service plan click "Select"
    * You will now see items in the Service plan

    * There are different types of items that you can add
          o Recurrent Service
                + Used to add a Service to be billed once a billing cycle (most common)
          o Minute Bucket
                + Allows added fields for minute buckets.
                + Must match a Bucket ID with valid rates in the Rate Plan.
          o Usage Charge Tax
                + Allows you to tax on $ value of minutes
          o Usage Tax
                + Allows you to tax on duration value of minutes
          o Non Usage Tax
                + Allows you to add a flat rate tax
    * Example of Recurrent service addition:

Adding/Editing a Rate Plan

    * When creating a new Domain a blank rate plan will be created or copied form an existing rate plan.
    * To change or edit a service plan go to "Rating--> Rate Plans"
    * You will now see a list of Rate plan's, each rate plan can have any number of rate entries within it.

    * To change rate entries within a Rate plan click "view"
    * You will now see entries in the Rate plan

    * These entries are ordered and sorted by Term prefix, i.e. beginning part of number dialed
    * To edit click the term prefix link
    * You will see all the the different entries with that term prefix.

    * this is useful for allow different rates based on originating caller to the same number.
    * to edit specific entry click "edit" next to the entry with the correct originating specifics
    * this should bring up specific editable features of that entry.
    * example of a rate entry from any originating number dialing a international number at .10/min

Adding a Post Rating Schedule

    * A post rating schedule is needed to pull CDR's from a SipBx and rate them
    * A separate schedule is needed for each domain configured
    * You can add a schedule from "Accounts --> Post Rating Schedule" form the Menu bar
    * You should see a list of currently configured schedules
    * Click "Add Entry" to add
    * It will ask you a series of questions about who you want to get calls from and who you want to bill them to.
          o if your bucketing calls per domain, you need to charge all calls to domain user.
    * A example is below, this will pull cdr's for all years of domain and charge them to

     *More info can be found in the Post Rating

Adding a new Billing Account

    * This is the last step a Post rate domain setup
    * This step is where you will enter in all of the customer specific data not necessarily having any correlation to the SiPbx
    * Information such as Company name,Address, phone number, etc will be entered here.
    * Also information such as Bill dates, due periods, and whether to roll amounts over are set here.
    * To create a new account go to "Accounts --> Billing Info"
    * Click "Add"
    * Enter the domain and user.
          o If you want a domain wide bill, please use "*" and not "domain" as "*" will get more information
          o You will want to have you bill date at least a day behind your normal service range on a user to eliminate any missed calls
    * An example of a Domain bill is below:

Viewing a bill

    * Netsapiens NAS will calculate all of the totals for a month on the Bill date at 00:00:00.
    * This process will sum up all of the services, minutes, and taxes into a total.
    * These total values are available immediately in the UI via "Charge --> Bills"
    * After this time BillGen a feature of Netsapiens NAS will make create bills.
    * BillGen will run every minute looking for new bills to make, but has an adjustable window to force it to only work during off hours
    * Customized bills will be available for download in 3 formats
          o PDF - Portable Document Format
          o XLS - Microsoft Excel (editable)
          o PPT - Microsoft PowerPoint (editable)

Configuration Guides

How to add an NMS connection to an NAS

How to add a domain from a existing SiPbx connection

Troubleshooting / FAQ

    * Q: I can't see any domains when i try and add one?
          o A: Check your connection settings to the SiPbx, check with Netsapiens support

    * Q: No services are showing up on my bill?
          o A: Check in "Charges --> Service Record" to see if they are there and correct
          o Q: No services are showing up in Service Records.
                + A: Make sure the account's valid dates are correct?
                + A: Make sure the account's next/last charge dates are correct?

    * Q: No minute charges are showing up on my bill?
          o A: Check in "Charges --> Call History" to see if they are there and correct
          o Q: No calls are showing up in Call history.
                + A: Check the post rate schedule to see if correct. Should show last cdr pull and next pull.
          o Q: I see the calls but it says "No Rate"
                + A: This means that it could not find a valid rate. Check the Rate table for that domain.
                + [note] Make sure rates are valid and the correct rate plan is selected for the Account.

    * Q: I changed the rate table, how can I re-rate calls?
          o A: In "Accounts --> Post Rate Schedule" push back the next poll time, it will override the old call with the new.

    * Q: I changed things now i need to re-run services and bucketed minutes calculations?
          o A: In "Accounts --> Accounts" push back the next/last poll time
          o [note] If you want to override old service charges you need to keep the same day of month. i.e change only the month and year values

    * Q: I re-rated calls and service, how do i recreate a bill?
          o A: In "Accounts --> Billing Info" push back the next/last poll time
          o [note] If you want to override old bill you need to keep the same day of month. i.e change only the month and year values

    * Q: minutes are not being bucketed properly?
          o A: Check in Call History to see what bucket ID a call was credited to by clicking on the "Rate Entry" column
          o A: Make sure the Account has a Bucket item with the correct Bucket ID on it
          o [note] If need be re-rate the calls and services (question above)

    * Q: Bills don't show countries by name for all international numbers?
          o A: In "Rating --> Country Codes" verify the term prefix's country code is correct.