How to add an NMS connection to an NAS

NOTE: This is an advanced process which requires root access to the server, please contact prior to doing this.

  • For each connection (remote SiPbx) you will need to add a entry into /etc/odbc.ini similar to the existing one except under hostname put the IP of the SiPbx
  • Example below, where [sipbx] is a unique DSN and is the accessible ip of the SiPbx server.
Description     = MySQL
Driver = MySQL
Server =
Database = SiPbxDomain
Port =
Socket =
Option =
Stmt =
  • Open up port 3306 (mysql) on the firewall to allow access form the NAS's ip to the SiPbx. This can be done via webmin if installed.
  • Open the NAS UI and navigate to Domains --> Connections
  • Click add and enter the following information
    • The unique DSN for this connection matching the header section of the /etc/odbc.ini configure. "sipbx" in the example above.
    • The db Username, standard is dbSiPbx
    • The db password for that username, please contact support for this.
    • The description of this connection. Note, this will be what shows up in the selection drop down later.