How to Configure a Single Rate

Creating a Term Prefix Entry

  • Select the Rate Plan you want to Add via Rating --> Rate Plans --> View (on the row you want)
  • Click add and fill in the information, descriptions are below in section Structure of Rate Table Entry

Editing a Term Prefix Entry

  • Select the Rate Plan you want to Add via Rating --> Rate Plans --> View (on the row you want)
  • You will be displayed a list sorted by Term Prefix, please pick the Term Prefix you want to edit.
  • Under one Term Prefix you can have any number of entries under that Prefix. This page will display all of them.
  • Click "edit" on the exact row you wish to edit. You will be taken to a page similar to the picture shown under Creating a Term Prefix Entry

Structure of Rate Table Entry

RateEntryID (INT) 
A system-wise unique ID for this Rate Entry
RatePlan (VARCHAR) 
Name of the Rate Plan that this entry belong to
Domain (VARCHAR) 
Domain of the Rate Plan that this entry belong to
TermPrefix (VARCHAR) 
Termination Prefix (“*” for all)
TermDomain (VARCHAR) 
Termination Domain (“*” for all)
OrigPrefix (VARCHAR) 
Origination Prefix (“*” for all)
OrigDomain (VARCHAR) 
Origination Domain (“*” for all)
DayOfWeek (VARCHAR) (currently broken)
Day of Week Match pattern (0..6, Sunday==0, or “*” for all)
HourOfDay (VARCHAR) (currently broken)
Hour of Day Match pattern (A..X, or “*” for all)
Bucket ID (VARCHAR) 
Bucket that rate can be charged against. Used for post paid billing. (A..Z are valid)
Tax ID, Used to match a Tax entry from a service plan. (A..Z are valid)
Rate (DOUBLE) 
Charge per second (dollar)
MinDuration (INT) 
Minimum charged duration(second). See duration calculation
UnitDuration (INT) 
Charged duration increment(second). See duration calculation
MinCharge (DOUBLE) 
Minimum charge (dollar)
ExtraCharge (DOUBLE) 
Extra charge, aplied once for each call hitting rate entry(dollar)
Tax to apply to all charges
LongCallExtra (DOUBLE) 
Long Call Extra Charge (dollar)
LongCallStart (INT) 
Time threshold to apply Long Call Charge (sec)
LongCallInc (INT) 
Time increment for each additional Long Call Charge (sec)
LongDiscExtra (DOUBLE) 
Disconnect Fee applied at disconnect after LongDiscStart elapsed (dollar)
LongDiscStart (INT) 
Time threshold to apply Disconnect Fee (sec)
ValidFrom (DATETIME) 
Start of effective date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
End of Effective date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
EntryStatus (ENUM) 
“active” or “inactive”

Calculation Logic


if (actual_duration <= min_duration)
duration = min_duration)
duration =< round up to duration_increment>(actual_duration – min_duration) + min_duration


if (duration * rate <= min_charge)
charge = min_charge + ExtraCharge
charge = duration * rate + ExtraCharge

Long Call Charges

if (duration >= LongCallStart)
charge += LongCallExtra
if (duration - LongCallStart > LongCallInc * N)
charge += ExtraCharge * N
{where N is amount of increments over the start time}

Disconnect Fees

if (duration >= LongDiscStart
charge += LongDiscExtra


charge = charge + (charge * tax)