new install changes to domain and modify user is not working.

In the Admin UI go to System, Settings, License, and confirm is status is ok or pending.
If status is pending it may take a few minute for the information to be updated.
If status has not updated. 

One can try to restart the service, In Admin UI > System > Settings, Restart, Choose the Service and apply the correct password.
If that fails
One can try to restart the service from ssh into the box with service netsapiens_(name_of_service) restart or start if it was in a stopped state.

Also Issue may be relate to sql backup to verify.
1)ssh into the box
2) USE SiPbxDomain;
3) SELECT count(*) as count from route_update;
If the update list is 0 information has been updated to the database however if it is stuck one may want to gather more information.
If Customer need to move on right away (quick fix:however issue will resurface as this is a temp work around)
truncate table route_update;