NMS - NetSapiens Media Server

  • Getting Started describes how to log in to and out of the system and provides a quick overview of what you see when you first login.
Our guide for the NMS is divided into the following sections that will take you all the way from a description of our system to being able to perform diagnostics and troubleshoot common issues.
  1. Managing Users describes how to work with users, domains, and resellers.

  2. Managing Connections describes how to work user devices, servers/gateways, DIDs, legal intercepts, and ratings.

  3. Dial Planning describes how to work with dial translations, dial permissions, dial permission rules, and call routing.

  4. Managing Applications describes how to manage voice mail, greetings, music-on-hold files, conferencing, call queues, and hunt groups.

  5. Viewing Call History describes how to display the Call History page, download a Call Detail Record, and view events.

  6. Performing System Operations describes how to display the system status, manage system settings, backup and restore, manage admin accounts, and manage operator access.

  7. Performing Diagnostics describes how to view statistics, display system information, display the audit log, view events, and use the systems ping and trace route