Audio Files for Call Screening

Filename Change
Where Used Voice Prompt Script
phrase-call-screen-prompt.wav 1-1176
The inform the caller that the callee would like to know his name.
Would like to know you name.
phrase-post-notify-options.wav 1-1176
To provide the option when notifying the caller about a screened call Press 1 to retrieve the call. Press 6 to send to voice mail. Press 7 to drop the call.
phrase-screen-timeout-options.wav 1-1176
Upon time-out while waiting for an action to a screening, provide the option for the caller to leave a voice mail or to notify the callee again.
Press 2 to leave a voice mail. Press any other key to notify the party again.
To notify a callee about a caller name for call screening You have a call from.