User Portal
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Domain & Personal Phonebook
Personal Call History
Call Forwarding & DND
Manage & Send Voicemail
Manage & Record Greetings
Manage Account Settings
Prepaid Account Balance
Front Desk/Operator Portal
Call Queue Management
Hunt Groups
Automatic Call Distribution
Call Hold & Transfer
Call Park
Call History
Domain Portal
End-User Provisioning
Auto Attendant Configuration
Directory Configuration
Device Provisioning
Device Monitoring
Voice Mail Adminstration
Music on Hold Configuration
Hunt Group & Call Queue Management
Reseller Portal
Management of all allocated Domains
LEA Portal
CALEA Capabilities
Call Recording ยท Call Monitoring
Admin Portal
Superuser Capabilities

Media Server
SIP Registrar
SIP Proxy
Feature Server
Location Server
Back-To-Back User Agent
Call Routing with Alternate Routes
Flexible Dial Planning Rules
Programmable Voice Mail,
IVR & Auto Attendant
Firewall & NAT Traversal
Email Alerts
Find-Me/Follow-Me/One Number
Forwarding & Do Not Disturb
Audio Conferencing
Automatic Call Distribution
Hunt Group Functions
Call Queuing Functions
Instant Messaging Server
Video Telephony Server
Time of Day Feature Control
Permission Control
Connection Session Control
SIP Trunking
SIP Connection Management
End-Point Session Control
SIP End-Point Management

Multi-tiered Rating & Billing
Flexible Rate Planning
Real-time Rating & Balance
Fault Management
High Availability
Device Provisioning
User Provisioning
Service Provisioning
Element Monitoring
Call Recording
Audio Monitoring
Subscriber Profile Database
Service Configuration Database
Web-Based Management
Report Generation
Troubleshooting Tools
Call Detail Records
XML & .csv Accounting Outputs
Quality Assurance Tools